First Chances Senior Phase

First Chances – Senior Phase aims to equip S4 to S6 pupils with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential and enhance their chances of being offered a place on a competitive college or university course of their choice wherever this may be.

Pupils are identified at the start of S3 or continue on from the First Chances foundation programme, dependent on their school.

Pupils engage in a programme of workshops tutoring, project work, e-mentoring and summer schools. 

These are designed to meet their needs at each phase of their education. This includes:

  • Tutoring – group sessions designed to suit all levels of study (National 4 or 5, Higher, Advanced Higher)
  • Revision Camps – an opportunity for pupils to develop specific skills, talk to tutors and access a quiet study space
  • Residential summer schools – an opportunity for pupils to sample college and university life and expand their network of contacts
  • Confidence and teambuilding workshops
  • Monthly tasks based on increasing numeracy and literacy skills
  • Access to a secure online mentoring platform
  • Access to study resources – including revision guides and past papers to suit National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher study

Progression to subsequent years of the programme is subject to pupils completing all requisite participation requirements.

In the weeks prior to each event, staff will email an invite to pupils to attend. This email will provide information about the event and a timetable for the day. Pupils should check their email regularly as well as their junk and spam folders in case our emails end up there.

S4 Programme - Developing skills in the senior phase

Emphasis is placed on supporting pupils develop the necessary skills needed to succeed in their S4 exams. Each pupil is provided a National 5 English and Maths revision guide to use in their own time throughout the year. Pupils are also required to attend workshops which focus on critical analysis and formulising well-reasoned arguments whilst further developing their presentation skills.

S5 Programme - Developing knowledge and exploring future career paths

The S5 programme focuses on developing pupils’ knowledge and awareness of different career paths as well as raising their aspirations and confidence to reach their goals. Pupils are also required to attend workshops which help them identify where they may need to develop their skills or experience further to reach their positive destination. Support focussed on interview skills and CV building is also provided.

S6 Programme - 'The Brilliant Club' and making a competitive application

In S6 pupils have the option to follow the 'Developing Knowledge and Preparing for the Future' programme where they can attend workshops that they did not have the opportunity to the previous year.

Alternatively, pupils are encouraged to engage with 'The Brilliant Club' scholars’ programme. Through engagement with this programme, pupils will study a subject they are thinking of pursuing into Higher Education in greater detail. The programme will be delivered in a series of  tutorials. A final assignment will be submitted and graduation from the programme will take place at the end of the year.